Cycles Aims

The purpose of the CAA is the analysis, debate, and exchange of ideas and experiences related to matters of common interest in the field of defense so as to heighten cooperation and integration among the Armies and to contribute from the military point of view to the security and democratic development of member countries.

From this purpose, it follows that the work of the CAA must be the analysis, debate and exchange of ideas and experiences or any other means of interaction that enables that purpose to be achieved.

The objectives of such action are:

  • To identify subjects of mutual interest in the field of defense, enabling the future inclusion of all themes that may fall within the cited theme.

  • Increasing cooperation and integration between the Armies.

  • To determine the existing common aspects among the Armies and practical initiatives to improve interoperability.

  • To guarantee creative, updated and practically useful products for the Armies.

The Aims for each cycle are as follow:



  1. Analyze the development of NCO careers plans, profiles, competencies and professionalization and assistance at the highest level.
  2. Analysis of an Army in Transformation, the schools for the formation and development of NCOs in the hemisphere, oriented towards leadership in military operations.
  3. Analyze the Educational Institutes and academies for NCOs – The development and professionalization from the rank of Corporal to Sergeant Major of the Army.
  4. Analyze the current training of NCOs and how they are prepared to face new challenges and threats in different environments.
  5. Analyze the role of the NCO in the future battlefield and the challenges they will face.
  6. Analyze NCO leadership at the different levels as a factor to successfully face global challenges and threats.