History​ and Evolution

Pending PESCAA Review


Emphasized objectives within this organization refer to determinations regarding common aspects between the armies, along with practical initiatives aimed to improve interoperability as well as to ensure creative products, which are regularly updated and of practical use for the Army.

The site of the Army Headquarters for the CAA changes each biennium and has a Permanent Executive Secretariat accompanying the latter. The main purpose of this Department is the faithful compliance with the Regulations of the CAA and the Agreements signed by the Commanders in the previous cycle, thus, PESCAA performs as a catalyst for the Events of the Cycle.

Participating in the CAA are 22 member armies, four observer armies and two military organizations observers.Participating in the CAA are 20 member armies, five observer armies and two military organizations observers.

The cycle of activities undertaken by the CAA includes among other initiatives, conducting specialized conferences, exercises, Ad-Hoc Committee, a preparatory meeting and the conference of commanders as well.

The Commanders' Conference is the culminating event of the CAA. In which Commanders or Chiefs of staffs’ from Armies considered as members, Army Observers’ along with the Presidents of the Inter-American Defense Board and the Conference of Central American Armed Forces participate.

During the Conference of Commanders, the proposals that were made in the specialized conferences, Ad-Hoc Committee and exercises will be ratified; the compulsory subject is discussed, as well as all events of the CAA for the next cycle