Legal Aspects Of Peace Operations.  PDF  Ms Word

Collection of Documents on the Law of Armed Conflict   PDF  Ms-Word

Peacekeeping Operations Handbook for Battalions and Subordinate Units.  PDF  Ms Word

CAA Lessons Learned Manual for Peacekeeping.  PDF  Ms-Word

Peace Operations Manual.  PDF  Ms Word

Memorandum of understanding.  PDF  Ms Word

Peacekeeping Operations Terminology Manual.  PDF  Ms Word

Supplement to the United Nations Military Symbols Handbook.  PDF  Ms Word

Guide for the Planning of the Staff of the CAA.  PDF  Ms-Word

Procedures Guidelines Disaster Relief Operations. PDF  ZIP

Guide for The Formulation and Interpretation of The Rules of Engagement For Peacekeeping Operations.  PDF

Methodological Guide on Education and Training for Peacekeeping Operations.  PDF  ZIP

Liaison Officer Guidelines for Peace Operations. PDF  Ms-Word

Guide To The Development, Test, Validation And Update Process of CAA Manuals And Lessons Learned.  PDF  ZIP

Guide of Protection of Environment on Peacekeeping Operations.  PDF  ZIP

Guide of Logistics Recommendations in a Peacekeeping Operation.  PDF  ZIP

Glossary of Military Terminology.  PDF  Ms Word  ZIP

Coalition Operations Handbook - ABCA PDF